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Pairing Find My Talents with a Career Coaching Consultation allows you to navigate the report better and successfully apply the results to your career plans and job hunting. Don't miss out on the opportunity to make the most of your top talents, career drivers, and values, and learn how to overcome potential performance limiters.

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Find My Talents


Your investment in yourself is the first step to taking control of your career. Start today!

You will get access to:

  • Your Best Self Snapshot: A 1-page summary of Your Best Self DNA, linking your top 5 Talents, your top 3 Career Drivers, and your top 4 Personal Values.
  • Your Personal Profile: TalentPredix state-of-the-art, 19-page personal profile highlighting your talents, career drivers, and values, as well as providing you with recommendations on how to make the most of your talents and how to manage your potential performance limiters.
  • A Career Development Workbook: Your pathway to success. This workbook will help you start planning your career and discovering more about where you are now and where you want to go next. You can use this workbook by yourself or use it as a guide to working with an experienced coach or mentor.